Posted 8 hours ago

I finally got around to meeting my neighbor who lives in the house with the Arkansas flag on the porch. Obviously, he turned out to be pretty cool.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.17.2014.

Posted 1 day ago

I always dream about maybe having a plan when I go to the grocery store, but it never happens. I think about maybe making a meal plan for the week, but nope.

Sarah invited me over to eat dinner tonight with her and Barrett. On their refrigerator is a calendar with three planned meals per day for the month. Every meal. What’s more, they stick to it. Sarah spends Sunday prepping their meals for the entire week. Suffice it to say they have a plan when they go to the grocery store, probably.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.16.2014.

Posted 1 day ago

It’s crazy how natural D-Money looks on a kid’s bike. A themed bike, at that. He kind of looks like MegaMan.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.15.2014.

Posted 2 days ago

Kaia tethered to a tree at A Street and Harrison.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.14.2014.

Posted 2 days ago

Norah and the rest of the kids at Argenta United Methodist Church this morning are singing hosanna/confused.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.13.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

When I returned from getting a drink out of the garage, I was irritated to discover the horseshoe tournament had come to a screeching halt so everyone could watch whatever they were watching on that phone. And then I realized they were watching the Arkansas Derby. Earlier in the day I’d put $10 on the #1 horse to win in every race at Oaklawn. The #1 horse in the Derby—who was named after Tony Danza—came in at 40-1. I also won the horseshoe tournament. I’m on a got-danged heater, boys.

Beebe, Arkansas. 4.12.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

Going to the bank Everything is more fun with a Kaia.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.11.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Ben and I volunteered tonight at Ragin’ Cajun, which is a fundraiser to raise money for CARTI, an organization that fights cancer. We were servers, bringing food and beverages to our table of 10 folks. We took pretty good care of them and they were happy, but I have no doubt we had more fun than they did. At least I had fun; Ben’s never waited tables before. We all remember that first time…when you still genuinely care if your table likes you as a person.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.10.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Getting some work done in the cab of my truck in the Searcy Municipal Airport parking lot at 8:30 in the morning when a Cintas truck pulls into the parking lot. I know one person who works at Cintas. And of course, it’s him.

Ronnie Dean worked for my family at the Feed Store we owned for nearly two decades before we sold it to him. He used to hold me by my neck over our four-foot dock, my legs dangling. He played a role in my life that was one part older brother and two parts uncle. Some of the most thrilling moments in my childhood were getting to spend the night with Ronnie Dean and playing video games all night long. He was the first person I knew who had the audio from his Nintendo running through his sound system. I can still feel the subwoofer shaking his house when I’d perform barrel roll attacks in Captain Skyhawk.

Searcy, Arkansas. 4.9.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Monkel's dining room table is the most Monkel thing in existence. Contents include: disassembled door knob, Floyd United Methodist Church directory, FUMC bulletin, note paper with Monkel’s real estate letterhead that includes a note to himself to “listen to R. Scaggs ‘Were You There?’”, Choate Feeds (stopped doing business in 14 years ago) pen, old books/magazines, 2014 issue of Walter T. Kelley’s beekeeping catalog, and old photos. And all of it is given its perfectly neat place on the table. Were these things sharing my table top, they’d all be pushed into one corner.

Beebe, Arkansas. 4.8.2014.