Posted 3 days ago

I volunteered with Easter Seals again tonight. This time they had me pouring wine at a fundraiser next to the dudes from Kemuri, which meant I spent all night eating what is probably the best sushi I’ve had in town.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.14.2014.

SIDENOTE: It’s crazy how much make-up rich people wear.

Posted 3 days ago

I think I just figured out why I love my cubicle job. It’s because my cubicle is just a place where I sit—we have to sit somewhere—until I get to go take pictures of things like the North Little Rock Municipal Airport at sunset.

Or the new bridge in Burns Park

Or the old bridge in White County

Or bridges that aren’t new or old all over the place

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.13.2014.

Posted 4 days ago

I had a date with Caroline tonight. At the Old State House Museum, I told her, “You’ve got the entire Arkansas State Legislature in front of you, Caroline. What do you want to tell them?”

Her faced scrunched up, she threw a fist like a gavel into the podium, and she said, “I demand you build more houses!”

Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.12.2014.

Posted 5 days ago

Kaia performs her classic hit “Sit and Stay” at the Riverfront Amphitheater.

(Click to embiggen and you can see her up there being precious and well-behaved.)

Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.10.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

My friend Beth brought pastels and drawing paper out to the bar. I collaborated with Aariona to create a stickman-plant who dresses in drag. Art is fun.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.8.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

Lazy football Sunday.

Beebe, Arkansas. 9.7.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

CONFESSION: I pet the dead baby squirrel I found in the parking lot.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.6.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

I went to the grand opening of the new Conway Airport today to take pictures of dignitaries repeating what they hear each other saying and then blog about it. But the picture that truly represents the event is of people who drifted back during the speeches to enjoy the shade of a plane’s wings. Like a large bird offering shelter.

Conway, Arkansas. 9.5.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Eddie Crummer and Robert Bullington of Pale Horse at Afterthought. Crummer’s a Packers fan, so while he’s singing he’s also keeping an eye on the TV on the opposite wall where Aaron Rodgers is getting brought down for a safety by the Seahawks D.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.4.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

We’re having a Caribbean casino-themed party at work this week. Apparently the plan is to put the body of a large pig in this cinder-blocked contraption for a while and then we’ll eat the heated carcass.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 9.3.2014.