Posted 7 hours ago

Kaia and I have walked onto the set of Ghostbusters, when the clouds roll in for the penultimate scene. Kaia’s not scared at all. Maybe she hasn’t seen the movie.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.18.2014.

Posted 1 day ago

The unspoken morning routine at Mom's is to wake up and make your way to the porch with a book or a pen and paper or an ample desire to study the curious lives of small game.

Beebe, Arkansas. 8.17.2014.

Posted 2 days ago

Zig likes to keep an eye on things at the Compound.

Beebe, Arkansas. 8.16.2014.

SIDENOTE: For more on Zig, you should probably check out The Z & G Show.

Posted 2 days ago

They say the most beautiful beings amongst us tend to be facially symmetrical. What they neglected to mention is that the most beautiful also tend to have brown eyes, pointy ears, and four legs.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.15.2014.

Posted 3 days ago

Sometimes I hide my shoes in Kaia's bed before work so when I come home I can pretend she put it there because she needs me.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.14.2014.

Posted 4 days ago

In a part of the city that’s vibrant and developing, I really like this dark, empty building.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.13.2014.

Posted 4 days ago

Read something to someone today.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.12.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Mary Alice's band is on a farewell tour or sorts before they go their separate ways. She's leaving Thursday for Fayetteville, where she's going to be a member of the University of Arkansas marching band. Just thinking about what her college experience is going to be like makes me want to get out my trumpet. (And be 18 years old again.)

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.11.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

I don’t know why I find Bone standing in an elevator humorous, but I do. Maybe it’s his outdated suitcase. Or the plastic sacks full of snacky goods. Or the fact that I asked a woman to wait a second before getting into the elevator so I could take his picture, which is probably why he’s got that goofy grin on his face. I just don’t know.

Hot Springs, Arkansas. 8.10.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

We’re just two heterosexual dudes sharing a hotel room and playing Yahtzee in bed until 2.30 in the morning. Being an adult is fun.

Hot Springs, Arkansas. 8.9.2014.