Posted 4 hours ago

When I came out of the bathroom, Kaia was walking down the hall, so I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed a good solid hug from her. Any time I grab her near the bathroom, she thinks I’m going to carry her to the bathtub, so she spent the rest of the night putting a safety barrier between us.

Beebe, Arkansas. 8.25.2014.

Posted 9 hours ago

Raise your hand if you drafted a suspended kicker on your fantasy team. Dammit.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.24.2014

Posted 5 days ago

I volunteered with Easter Seals this morning in support of their Rollin’ on the River 5k. I handed out bibs and clipped time-chips off of finishers’ shoes. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why people always schedule these races so dang early. Traffic? Screw traffic. Give me that 7pm 5k and I feel like you’d have a pretty good turnout.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.23.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

It was a very good thing that has raised a lot of money and a lot of awareness for ALS, but can we please all agree that this ice bucket challenge thing has to stop somewhere? Let’s not forget about those suffering from ALS, but I think it’s time we drop the ice bucket challenge. Let’s mark it down as a success. Good job, everyone.

North Little Rock, Arknasas. 8.22.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

Someone with an office bigger than mine wanted everyone to come outside and watch her take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This is how Derek felt about it.

North Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.21.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Basketball in the park with Hoover and Blake. I’m in awe of how durable their ankles are. Look how good they are at changing directions. For real, mine is still swollen. Maybe it’s time to go to the doctor…

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.20.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

The city council has been debating an ordinance that would force private clubs to close at 2am, rather than staying open until 5am as they’ve done for years. It’s been in the spotlight for a while now and it was supposed to go to a vote today, but not enough council members showed up to do so. Politicians can be terrible. The burgers at Midtown can be delicious, though. Here’s to hoping you can keep ordering them until 5am…

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.19.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Kaia and I have walked onto the set of Ghostbusters, when the clouds roll in for the penultimate scene. Kaia’s not scared at all. Maybe she hasn’t seen the movie.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 8.18.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

The unspoken morning routine at Mom's is to wake up and make your way to the porch with a book or a pen and paper or an ample desire to study the curious lives of small game.

Beebe, Arkansas. 8.17.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Zig likes to keep an eye on things at the Compound.

Beebe, Arkansas. 8.16.2014.

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