Posted 18 hours ago

Ben and I volunteered tonight at Ragin’ Cajun, which is a fundraiser to raise money for CARTI, an organization that fights cancer. We were servers, bringing food and beverages to our table of 10 folks. We took pretty good care of them and they were happy, but I have no doubt we had more fun than they did. At least I had fun; Ben’s never waited tables before. We all remember that first time…when you still genuinely care if your table likes you as a person.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.10.2014.

Posted 19 hours ago

Getting some work done in the cab of my truck in the Searcy Municipal Airport parking lot at 8:30 in the morning when a Cintas truck pulls into the parking lot. I know one person who works at Cintas. And of course, it’s him.

Ronnie Dean worked for my family at the Feed Store we owned for nearly two decades before we sold it to him. He used to hold me by my neck over our four-foot dock, my legs dangling. He played a role in my life that was one part older brother and two parts uncle. Some of the most thrilling moments in my childhood were getting to spend the night with Ronnie Dean and playing video games all night long. He was the first person I knew who had the audio from his Nintendo running through his sound system. I can still feel the subwoofer shaking his house when I’d perform barrel roll attacks in Captain Skyhawk.

Searcy, Arkansas. 4.9.2014.

Posted 1 day ago

Monkel's dining room table is the most Monkel thing in existence. Contents include: disassembled door knob, Floyd United Methodist Church directory, FUMC bulletin, note paper with Monkel’s real estate letterhead that includes a note to himself to “listen to R. Scaggs ‘Were You There?’”, Choate Feeds (stopped doing business in 14 years ago) pen, old books/magazines, 2014 issue of Walter T. Kelley’s beekeeping catalog, and old photos. And all of it is given its perfectly neat place on the table. Were these things sharing my table top, they’d all be pushed into one corner.

Beebe, Arkansas. 4.8.2014.

Posted 1 day ago

The lights are still falling down, but the Love Fort suddenly looks as good as I could ever hope for it to.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.7.2014.

Posted 2 days ago

When the truck starts getting loaded, Kaia likes to keep a keen eye on things.

Knoxville, Tennessee. 4.6.2014.

Posted 2 days ago

Pretty solid chalk art at this art walk thing. I regret not getting the artist’s name to credit her here, but she’s the blonde with chalky hands seen in the picture.

Knoxville, Tennessee. 4.5.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

This bar is filled with University of Tennessee kids. They’re all running around trying to impress each other, pretending to be grown-ups, etc. These two middle-aged dudes are killing it, though. They’ve got their laptops set up and only looking up from them to keep a steady eye on the televised basketball games. They’re showing no sign of emotion, but I know they couldn’t be happier.

I miss Bone

Knoxville, Tennessee. 4.4.2014.

Posted 6 days ago

I’m getting ready to meet Liz in Knoxville to exchange Kaia and our respective things. This is a picture of our relationship in calendar form. All of our happenings from 2012 and 2013. Weird.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.3.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

Please tell me that all of you in the region have seen my friend Ryan and the rest of Amasa Hines do their thing. It hurts me to think you might not have. For real, my friend Mickey got so excited watching the show tonight at South on Main that he broke a tooth. True story.

Little Rock, Arkansas. 4.2.2014.

Posted 1 week ago

The Love Fort is under attack and has sustained damage to its northeast quadrant. As of yet, no terrorist organization has stepped forward to claim responsibility. Although no one was hurt during the attack, this is something I’m taking very seriously. Rest assured, the proper measures will be taken to ensure the Love Fort will not sustain further damage.

Little Rock, Arkansas. (Early morning hours of) 4.1.2014.